The Continuing Anglican Communion is a global fellowship of Continuing Anglican and Episcopal churches that have been compelled by peculiar circumstances of apostasy, heresy deviation, discrimination and outright persecution to seek independent expression of the historic Anglican faith. The communion is also open to non-Anglican churches who hold the catholic faith and tradition, that is, the historic faith and tradition of the undivided universal Church expressed in the Catholic creeds (Apostles and Nicene), and captured in the ‘Book of Common Prayer’1662, ‘The 39 Articles of Religion’ 1571 and ‘The Ordinal’ of the Church of England. These historic documents contain the reformed faith of the Church on which the Continuing Anglican Communion is established, groomed and nurtured.

    The global wound in the Anglican witness is a recurring theme. The holy shroud was not only defaced, it was thorn to pieces. Where spirituality and biblical truth stood, two modern giants of humanism and relativism have taken roots, while inclusivism replaced separation. Anglicanism became a Pandora box of conflicting, antagonistic mixtures, a borrow-borrow religion at home with ancient and modern heresies and transgressions of faith. In the face of compromised global leadership, the Anglican definition has become hazy and vague. The new Anglicans have become everything their ancestors were not.

    For those who ache and bleed inside, a global imperative became absolutely necessary, to provide a global fellowship of Anglicans who are committed to the historic apostolic faith centered on the Word of God alone, spiced with scripture compliant traditions, sealed with the blood of the martyrs, and true for every generation.

    CONAC’s avowed mission is to “earnestly” contend for the faith which was once delivered unto the saints,” and, “building up yourselves on your most holy faith.” Jude 3:20.

    While we have our eyes on the globe, we have our feet deep in the African witness, the last bulwark for faith and mission in the world. CONAC is a fellowship, open to all believers, and especially Anglican believers who are desirous of the historic Anglican spirituality. We welcome contributions from all denominations of the Christian faith. Such contributions need only be compliant to the plain words of the scriptures. Welcome on board.